July 31, 2015: Analysis of social interaction in times of extraordinary events

With the help of the Fraunhofer IVI Big Data tools, the institute’s researchers have acquired fundamental knowledge about social media activity during the Elbe flood of 2013. For the purpose of one of iSAND’s main tasks (data analysis work package), hundreds of thousands of activities were recorded, evaluated and the results documented in a report. Among others, the report contains information on the frequency of specific search word combinations, an analysis of the distributed activities of several “power users” and their interaction with each other. For an easier understanding of the content, the report also contains a large number of visualizations.  
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March 16, 2015: Social Media Monitoring in Disaster Management

Official Kick-off for the BMUB-Funded Project iSAND Held in Dresden

Gaining an overview of all topics contained in the general population’s communication in times of crisis is the aim of project »internet Social Analyzer in Natural Disasters« (iSAND). Together with the software psychologists of Handspiel GmbH and the Katastrophenschutzamt Dresden (department for emergency management), a Fraunhofer IVI research team will test and demonstrate a system that expands the basis for decision making by information from social networks.

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