Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI
Zeunerstrasse 38
01069 Dresden

Fraunhofer IVI
  • Project management
  • Concept, technical design and implementation of the system
  • Development of a prototypical web application for the visualization of activities in social networks



Handspiel GmbH
Löhrstrasse 12
04105 Leipzig

Handspiel GmbH
  • Concept and implementation from the point of view of psychology
    (user habits and observation)
  • Adaption to user habits
  • Use of the Digital Innovation Model



Landeshauptstadt Dresden Department of public safety and order
Dr.-Külz-Ring 19
01067 Dresden

  • Practical participation in the system’s conceptualization
  • Contribution to the implementation process through iterative adaptation to user habits
  • End user of the prototypical software components





Project management organization

Projektträger Jülich