The project’s main goals are to increase adaptability and to provide the city of Dresden with a prototypical monitoring system that allows better analysis and coordination of future response actions. 

In order to reach these goals, a number of steps have to be taken:

An important prerequisite is the detailed study of the mechanisms of the voluntary commitment of large crowds with regard to different types of self-organization and activation potential, as well as the spread of incorrect information and its effects. This is the first step within the scope of the project.
Next, a concept for a prototypical application will be developed on the basis of the gained results. This application is designed to process information from social networks and make it available as reference point for subsequent actions and decisions. The concept will be developed in close collaboration with the fire protection and civil protection offices of Dresden, as well as the city’s administrative staff. An additional task is to determine how the involved authorities should prepare their data so that the information becomes acquisition-relevant to the general population and will likely be shared (e.g.: short message with 160 characters).
C) The SensorWeb is another important aspect regading data processing during a flood event. With the help of the SensorWeb, information shared in public social networks can be incorporated in decision making processes for the purpose of flood protection. Instead of an ever-increasing number of cameras in public places, thousands of images (members of the crowd as sensors) can be used to evaluate the situation at hand and develop response options. The feature “crowd as sensors” will be implemented in a prototypical way.  

Project duration: February 1, 2015 – January 31, 2017

Grant number: 03DAS043A and 03DAS043B

Funding priority: Municipal lighthouse projects and establishment of local and regional cooperation (Kommunale Leuchtturmvorhaben sowie Aufbau von lokalen und regionalen Kooperationen) (funding priority 3)

Funding program: Funding programme for measures for adapting to the impacts of climate change (Förderung von Maßnahmen zur Anpassung an die Folgen des Klimawandels)